Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant

With Rizkly, you can expand your business offerings or gain scale through a powerful platform for cybersecurity compliance consultant management. Combined with your firm’s existing expertise, Rizkly enables you to effectively address customer demand for cyber and IT compliance services. If you do not have in-house compliance experts, you can definitely count on Rizkly experts to serve as an extension of your staff.

Rizkly is the right compliance solution for advisors and MSPs seeking to:

  • Expand service offerings related to industry standards for cyber and IT security (CMMC, NIST, ICS/SCADA, Data Privacy, SOC, etc.)
  • Scale growth while keeping headcount and operational costs in check
  • Partner with a software vendor that understands the nuances of running a professional services operation
  • Offer clients a simpler, more efficient solution for achieving and maintaining cyber hygiene and compliance

Why Consulting Firms Love Rizkly:

  • Modernizes solution delivery models
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional full-service consulting
  • Offers a new way to scale the business with your existing staff
  • New recurring revenue stream derived from a software-based service subscription

With the Rizkly cloud compliance platform, you can lead your clients onto a path towards better cybersecurity health right away. Our secure platform makes it easy to ramp and provide continuous compliance services as an ongoing service.  Rizkly’s Guided Compliance approach reduces time wasted on interviewing staff, scheduling meetings, and collecting information so you can move onto the task of implementing controls and remediation solutions.

Using Rizkly streamlines the entire compliance process with tracking and a central repository for evidence and artifacts. Dashboards and alerts ensure that you and your clients have a clear picture of compliance status, risks and critical actions.  Rizkly is the right cybersecurity compliance platform for MSPs and advisors that want to:

  • Expand cyber and compliance services that effectively address the demands of “continuous compliance” 
  • Offer powerful cloud-based technology to simplify compliance for clients
  • Offer a private label tool that can be tailored to meet your business model (frameworks, features and proprietary content)
  • Establish a long term partnership with a channel-focused cybersecurity compliance technology vendor

Ready to grow your cybersecurity compliance offerings with the right partner?  We’d love to learn more about your situation and show you how Rizkly can help.  Click here to schedule a discussion with a Rizkly partner manager.