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Rizkly's CMMC compliance service is the ideal answer for small and
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Guided Compliance
as a Service
Lets Tackle CMMC, 800-171 & FedRAMP OSCAL Together

Sustainable CMMC
& FedRAMP Compliance
A Powerful Cybersecurity Compliance Automation Platform with Options to Purchase Dedicated Expertise LEARN MORE
Achieve Cybersecurity Compliance
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Guided Compliance as a Service


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Cybersecurity Compliance

Compliance Management the Way You Envisioned It

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Compliance is now a continuous process and there’s no turning back. Rizkly is the answer to firms that must meet these growing requirements in an efficient and effective manner to keep growing the business.

Our product

Compliance is Continous

Rizkly keeps you on top of compliance with a smart platform and expert guidance.

Our 20+ years of NIST security controls experience give you certainty in addressing DFARS requirements.

Our platform and experts guide and help you achieve timely compliance with EU privacy laws.

Protect healthcare data and switch to a faster, more affordable path to privacy protection and cyber hygiene.

Get a prioritized PCI compliance action plan and the option to have an expert keep your project on track.

Gain from our 20+ years of SOC audit and assessment experience. Move faster with a smart compliance platform.

Tired of assessments that don’t go anywhere? Join our growing list of satisfied 800-171 customers and move forward.

Rizkly is your OSCAL compliance automation platform. Import your existing FedRAMP SSP and say bye to editing Word SSP fatigue.

Rizkly is the efficient path to achieving FedRAMP authorization and continuous monitoring. Lets our experts show you.

Guided Security & Cyber Compliance

Achieve & Demonstrate Cyber Compliance with Less Disruption

When budgets can’t support expensive consulting engagements or in-house staff to achieve cyber and data privacy compliance, Rizkly’s Guided Security & Compliance (GSC) service enables firms to demonstrate continuous compliance with industry-mandated data and cybersecurity controls.


Rizkly Datasheet

Learn more about why we created Rizkly and how customers quickly launch towards cybersecurity compliance success.


See What Our Clients Say

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

“Rizkly provided exactly what we expected…we implemented IT and network security procedures in line with 800-171 requirements and contract requirements.  More importantly, we are now always ready to demonstrate our compliance when required.”

Software Vendor

“Rizkly has truly transformed the way we service our customers.  By offering a continuous compliance software with our engagements,  we can provide much more value with less time spent on exchanging information. I would highly recommend Rizkly to compliance advisory firms that want to elevate their partnering approach with clients.”

IT Audit Firm

“The interfaces in Rizkly make it easy to capture and provide details about our IT policies and environment.  No one else would help us with 800-171 compliance for less than $30k.  Simple, experienced compliance expert, and affordable.  I would definitely recommend Rizkly for companies with lean IT and compliance resources.“

HVAC Contractor

800-171 eBook: The Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Our “800-171 Mistakes to Avoid” eBook shares critical do’s and don’ts for achieving 800-171 success with less hassle and less rework.


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Do you perform system remediation work?2022-05-19T02:00:44+00:00

Rizkly experts will advise, guide and review hardware and software technology changes to ensure that they address specific compliance controls but we do not perform the actual implementation work.  Over the years, we have a developed a trusted ecosystem of partners who offer effective and affordable solutions to expedite remediation of security and compliance gaps.  We will gladly refer you to appropriate partners if and when the need arises.   Creating policies,  procedures and other artifacts are also a key part of compliance remediation efforts and these are activities that our advisors do perform using powerful Rizkly features for policies and procedures.

A description of the services that Rizkly expert advisors provide?2022-05-19T01:37:42+00:00

Rizkly cybersecurity compliance advisors will work with you through the entire lifecycle of your compliance initiative.  We will scale up/down depending on specific need, and we co-create our involvement in the early stages of the project.  Typical project activities include:

  • Gain an understanding of your business, your clients, your system(s), and your anticipated compliance requirements
  • Educate your team members on compliance requirements, how to leverage the Rizkly app and what will be expected throughout the effort 
  • Develop the system ‘boundary’, and what will be in scope for compliance purposes
  • Draft a system architecture diagram that clearly depicts the system boundary
  • Review existing documentation and work with your team members to understand system and process specifics
  • Perform a high level gap assessment to determine what controls are in place and operating effectively, and where there are gaps
  • For each gap determine a detailed plan of action to remediate
  • Collaborate as needed with personnel (staff and/or your vendors) during remediation. 
  • Provide advisory support, develop documentation, design controls, review evidence, audit prep, etc.
  • Ensure that all artifacts and control implementation statements are effectively captured in Rizkly
  • Educate your team on how to leverage Rizkly to generate audit-ready documentation such as SSPs, POAM reports and SPRS scoring
  • Post-remediation ensure that all controls are in place and operating effectively


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