Embedded Compliance Software

Compliance is Continuous, Rizkly is the Answer

When the knowledge, work and accountability of addressing ongoing compliance requirements overwhelms and you can’t afford to a full-time team of consultants, Rizkly offers another path to achieving success: Guided Security & Compliance (GSC).  Rizkly addresses the rigors of continuous compliance:

  • Developing and updating policies and procedures

  • Collecting evidence, documentation and artifacts

  • Following-up on assessment findings and gaps

  • Preparing reports and evidence for 3rd party assessments and audits

Guided Compliance is an effective and efficient approach for achieving compliance objectives amongst small and mid-size companies. Why? Rizkly’s Guided Compliance software solution cleverly combines the efficiency of a powerful compliance application with the invaluable support of a dedicated expert to guide you to success. The Rizkly Guided Compliance service lets companies achieve compliance objectives without taking their eye off the core business. Rizkly is the the cybersecurity compliance solution that provides smooth audit and certification readiness at a far lower cost than traditional consulting models, clunky software or DIY approaches. With Rizkly, you no longer have to choose between going it alone and budget-busting consulting engagements.

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