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IEC 62443 Assessment &

Compliance Software

Rizkly is effective and efficient solution for securing industrial automation and control systems. Whether it’s a small 200 square foot print shop or a global network of critical sites, Rizkly lets you quickly implement a cybersecurity compliance program within weeks to ensure that your industrial automation and controls systems are safer and compliant with IEC 62443 requirements.  Rizkly experts help you with expedited assessment and scoring activities.  You can take if further by assigning specific security and operational controls to one or more vendors and streamline the ongoing tracking and management of their status.  Rizkly also eases the the activities that go with ensuring your suppliers safeguard critical information so you achieve confidence that actions are underway to achieve better security and compliance.

Rizkly’s ability to assist small and large enterprises means you and your suppliers will not be overwhelmed.  Rizkly includes the guidance, templates, task assignment and tracking into one solution to make it the right choice for enabling your supply chain to comply with your requirements.   Rizkly expert advisors will help your vendors come up to speed on best practices, practical remediation methods and tailoring included policy/procedure templates to ensure effective security controls.   Role based access controls means your IEC 62443 compliance initiative can involve many different vendors, advisors and assessors…each with specific permissions and views of information.

What’s Included

  • Supports industrial automation and control system compliance frameworks (IEC 62443, NIST 800-161, ISO, NERC CIP-013-1. CMMC, etc.) or create your own

  • Assessment and surveys to quickly identify boundaries and sensitive information

  • Secure cloud app for managing continuous compliance, evidence capture, policies and procedures

  • Dashboards and alerts to ensure completion and tracking of required NIST 800-171 controls

  • Automatic System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) Generation

  • Ongoing Advisory, Coaching, PMO and Quarterly CISO Reviews

  • Scoring and SPRS submission report to ease compliance with the CMMC Interim Rule (DFARS Case 2019-D041)

  • One-click migration with auto control population when if you transition to any level of CMMC

Need More Information?


    • Supply Chain/Vendor Compliance Program Management: Manage and entire supply chain compliance program in one place.  Streamline collaboration between you and your vendors and easily track status and risks.

    • Tasking and Tracking: Assign ownership and access compliance status with a few clicks. Users receive alerts when it’s time to review controls or attach evidence

    • Compliance Audit Documentation: One-click creation of audit-ready documentation such as System Security Plans (SSP), DFARS control scoring and Incident Response Plans  (IRP) reduces the time and effort needed to create, review, and maintain compliance documents, letting you focus on implementing security, rather than documenting it

    • Role-Based Access: streamline the compliance collaboration with your suppliers while providing them with an effective and efficient solution to achieve your compliance requirements.  Learn more about all of the features that make Rizkly the perfect vendor supply chain solution here.

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    Depending on the level of certification,  CMMC can encompass more controls than 800-171.


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