IT & Cybersecurity Best Practices

SMBs seeking higher quality operating standards and peace-of-mind, leverage Rizkly to achieve IT and cybersecurity hygiene more in line with industry practices. Rizkly lets businesses avoid costly training, consulting or piecemeal attempts with a simple, cost effective solution that both staff and incumbent service providers embrace. When SMBs use Rizkly on a regular basis to track items like password management and anti-virus patching, they are more ready to achieve compliance with externally mandated compliance requirements.

Rizkly includes best practice controls and polices across four areas of IT and security: infrastructure, applications, procedures, and end-user computing. You can tailor the best practices as needed or create a customize procedure list to address your business needs. With included access to our compliance and cybersecurity experts, you’ll never get stuck or waste time researching compliance requirements.


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Server Security and Patching
  • Wireless Access Security
  • Data Backup & Recovery

Application Security

  • Data Encryption Standards
  • Access Grant Policy
  • Web App Security Standards

End User Computing

  • Desktop & Laptop Security Standards
  • Email Standards
  • Portable Media Policy
  • Remote Access Standards

Process & Procedures

  • Incident Response Process
  • IT Governance Standards
  • Data Theft Reporting


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