Our Mission

We understand the challenges of pursuing industry mandated compliance initiatives….skills shortage, decoding requirements, and core business distraction are a few big ones.   Both companies as well as advisors are caught in tough spot because many firms need a significant amount of help and there are not enough advisors to go around.  Plus, all those person-hours start to add up way too fast.  With Rizkly, we set out help both dilemmas through a collaborative compliance app that comes with expert advisory to lead the way.  Thus, Rizkly aims to:

  • Deliver the best solution for SMBs to achieve compliance with industry cybersecurity and data protection standards

  • Partner with advisors & MSPs that want to scale and bring cybersecurity compliance services to their customer base

Rizkly simplifies continuous compliance activities and gradually instills security and compliance acumen into your business. Our Guided Security and Compliance (GSC) service lets you demonstrate compliance with less disruption to your core business and budget.  Peace of Mind.

Our People

Chor-Ching Fan

President & CEO

David Trout

Chief Strategy & BD Officer

Alex Shevchenko

Technical Lead 

Celia Baker

Security & Compliance Guide 

David Hall

Security & Compliance Guide 

Mike Lyons

Partner Manager 

Mitchell Pittman  

Client Engagement Manager  

Michael Drohan   

Client Engagement Manager  

Will Albert    

Support Engineer