Make CSR easy to achieve ESG success.

Make ESG and CSR Compliance Easy

ESG Audit & Compliance Monitoring

Rizkly helps companies achieve ESG Compliance. Our experienced advisors make sure your compliance needs leave no stone unturned. The active initiatives of your company’s (ESG) impacts is key to future-proofing your business success. Our aim is to keep you on the cutting-edge of ESG procedures.

Environmental Social Governance

Rizkly helps companies achieve ESG success by enabling you with a platform where you can quickly define the steps that your company is taking to impact employees, customers, and the environment where it operates. Plus, our expert CSR advisors are available to ensure your program is headed in the right direction.

Launch Program

Rizky experts guide you to quickly launch successful climate change, risk management and resource depletion programs.

Track & Manage

Rizkly experts help your organization with accountability, ownership and dates and scheduling. We do this by focusing on employee health and wellbeing, building safety, employee relations, diversity and impact on communities.

Demonstrate & Report

Rizkly’s ESG Compliance & Audit Monitoring solution allows you to demonstrate to shareholders, citizens, customers and regulators on the companies acomplishments.


Looks at how a company performs as a representative of our natural environment.


Climate change, energy emission, waste management, and resource depletion.


Examines how an organization manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the community.


Health and wellbeing, building safety, employee relations, diversity, and impact on communities.


Deals with how a company is governed.


Executive pay, shareholder rights, board diversity, and structure audits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rizkly helps companies achieve ESG Compliance. ESG looks at the impact a company has on its employees, customers, and the environment where it operates. Our experienced advisors make sure your compliance needs leave no stone unturned.

CSR Audit & Compliance Monitoring

Our aim here at Rizkly is to help your business take positive actions toward CSR compliance. Our expert advisors will guide you through CSR compliance and help your business create positive social and environmental impacts. We offer a guided approach covering specific elements of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. We ensure compliance to the requirements of the Companies act 2013 and the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules 2014. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is built upon 4 pillars.

New Ways of Working

Rizkly helps you create fun and exciting place to work, our teams thrive in a well balanced environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Launch your Diversity & Inclusion program faster and create an environment that celebrates diversity in nationality, race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Respect Human Rights

Track and manage your Code of Conduct and underlying policies through the Rizkly platform.

Conserve Energy

Implement a program that demonstrates a deep commitment to ethical business practices, legal compliance and environmental sustainability by having a solid commitment to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

Practical Software for Pragmatic CSR Programs

Rizkly simplifies continuous compliance activities and gradually instills security and compliance acumen into your business. Our Guided Security and Compliance (GSC) service lets you demonstrate compliance with less disruption to your core business and budget. Peace of Mind.