Cybersecurity Software for MSPs

Now that the whole picture regarding CMMC is more clear,  many RPs and RPOs are faced with a dilemma:  how to continue providing high quality security and compliance advisory while scaling to capitalize on the market opportunity that CMMC brings.  Rizkly’s compliance program management platform is the answer.  Here are a few reasons why:  

  • Rizkly’s Guided Compliance design means our platform iis designed for a advisor to help a customer achieve and maintain compliance.  Our whole approach to compliance is based on our belief that compliance is best achieved through “app and expert”.
  • Although CMMC might be your primary focus right now, the Rizkly platform supports all cyber, data privacy and IT security frameworks.  Rizkly can even support custom frameworks to address unique customer needs.   Rizkly also supports the notion of “common controls” and we have pre-mapped the major frameworks i.e. CMMC, 800-171, PCI, ISO, SOC2, etc.
  • Rizkly support private label and custom styling so you can achieve desired branding goals when you offer the Rizkly compliance application to your customers

With Rizkly, you can ramp clients and start them on the path to better cybersecurity posture more quickly.   Our  secure platform makes it easy to set up projects, invite internal and external users and manage ongoing compliance tasks.  Rizkly’s Guided Compliance platform helps reduces the time spent on staff interviews,  meetings and data collection so you can start actually advising clients faster. Using Rizkly streamlines the entire compliance process with tracking and a central repository for documentation.   With Rizkly,  you can provide a clear picture of compliance status, risks and critical actions and most importantly,  spend more quality time with clients providing your expert guidance. 

Why is Rizkly the Right Tool for CMMC RPOs:

  • The latest CMMC control requirements in one place
  • One secure place to organize and store your customers’ compliance documentation
  • Gain speed so you can scale your CMMC advisory operations and grow your business
    • Default guidance and templates that you tailor for your customers
    • Default POAM and Implementation Control Statements that you tailor for your customers
    • Reduce the time spent on manual repetitive tasks so you can actual spend more time advising your customers
    • Compliance task assignment, alerts and tracking so you can help your customers stay on the ball
  • Build a new recurring revenue stream while providing increased service and efficiency to your customers

Rizkly helps RP and RPOs expand advisory capabilities and gain scale through a powerful platform for compliance management.  Combined with your compliance expertise,  Rizkly enables you to effectively address growing DoD contractor demand for CMMC compliance services.    

Interested or ready to learn more, we’d love to meet you and show you how Rizkly can help you grow your CMMC business. Just click here to schedule a discussion with a Rizkly partner manager.