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Blockchain Compliance Software

Demonstrate your company’s focus on mitigating the risk of inherent bias in AI algorithms or enforce stakeholder policies for digital identity and financial distributed ledger blockchains. Implementing AI and blockchain solutions with Rizkly brings greater confidence and transparency.  Collaborate with stakeholders across the organization as well as external partners through in a single application that presents controls, owners and actions.  You’ll start with a core set of AI or blockchain governance controls covering process, technology and customer transparency.  As your initiative evolves, Rizkly lets you tailor controls to meet internal requirements or new industry regulations.   As always, your advisor will guide and support you along the way to navigate specific issues associated with AI and blockchain governance.

AI Compliance

  • Development Controls
  • Review and Decision Controls
  • Documentation & Communication Controls
  • Data Privacy, Access and Use Controls

Blockchain Compliance

  • Digital Identity & Wallet Polices
  • Distributed Ledger Controls
  • Data Capture Controls
  • Deterministic Execution Controls
  • Data Storage & Access Controls
  • Independent Verification Controls


  • Compliance Advisory Included: Assistance with compliance tasks through checklists and suggestions tailored to your project. Streamline collaboration between team members and consultants through multiple channels of communication: chat, email, phone

  • Tasking and Tracking: Assign ownership for governance tasks in 3 clicks. Users receive alerts when it’s time to review controls or attach evidence

  • Compliance Documentation: One-click creation of audit-ready documentation such as AI and Blockchain System Plans and Weakness/Action Plans reduces the time and effort needed to create, review, and maintain compliance documents, letting you focus on implementation rather than documentation

  • Third-Party Assessor Access: streamline assessment and certification efforts with secure 3rd-party auditor or partner access to appropriate information in Rizkly.  Learn more about all of the features that make Rizkly the perfect collaborative compliance and governance solution here.

  • Vendor Compliance: assign customized subsets of controls to key partners and vendors and simplify AI and blockchain governance when your initiative extends beyond the boundaries of your own organization.

Questions about AI or Blockchain Compliance with Rizkly?  

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Difference Between 800-171 and CMMC2019-10-05T00:07:24+00:00

Depending on the level of certification,  CMMC can encompass more controls than 800-171.


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