By Chor-Ching Fan

Most of us have heard of on-demand virtual CISOs. A vCISO offers outsourced security expertise to businesses on a part-time basis. As demand for CISOs outstripped the number of available qualified providers, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) turned to a vCISO for on-demand security insight and experience. 



Similarly, many SMBs pursuing cybersecurity initiatives are also pursuing compliance initiatives. These growing businesses need a virtual compliance officer (vCO) to support compliance while they continue to focus on core business. A vCO helps SMBs achieve and demonstrate compliance arena confidence and meet industry-specific compliance requirements without the cost of hiring an in-house compliance officer. A vCO is uniquely qualified to assess and advise SMBs on compliance.  

With Rizkly you have an on-demand vCO and an easy-to-use compliance app for one low monthly rate. Rizkly’s virtual resource model delivers the trusted security and compliance advisor you need, in a subscription service that SMBs can affordPlease contact us, we’d love to talk to you.