Improved Cyber Posture for SMBs

Embracing cyber compliance initiatives when you’re under the gun can be difficult.  Rizkly has developed a great on-ramp to improved cyber posture without undergoing the full-blown rigor associated with many of the more extensive industry standards.   Our SMB Cyber Posture solution covers the most fundamental areas of security and compliance best practices including email, portable media, data backup/recovery, passwords, and employee training on essential topics. With the included guidance from Rizkly compliance and security experts,  your company’s cyber posture will be improved in no time and you’ll be ready for industry-mandated compliance programs when they arrive.

  • Desktop Security Standards
  • Desktop Software Standards
  • Email Standards
  • Portable Media Policy
  • Laptop Standards
  • Media Protection Standards
  • Personal Device Policy
  • Remote Access Standards
  • Reporting Incidents


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