By David Trout

Rizkly was created to reduce client costs for compliance, so you can scale your consulting services to meet the needs of SMBs. You no longer have to turn away clients who cannot afford traditional full-service consulting solutions. With the Rizkly app for project tracking, workflow, and management, you can provide clients with a simple solution that increases the effectiveness of your compliance expertise.



Rizkly is the right compliance solution for consultants and advisors that want to:

  • Modernize compliance service delivery for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Offer powerful cloud-based application to simplify compliance for clients
  • Spend more time helping clients, less time documenting and doing admin tasks
  • Offer a secure, central repository for all compliance-related items
  • Simplify workflow and access to compliance tasks and documents across different users, partners or vendors 
  • Grow the firm by offering continuous value to customers

Ready to evolve and grow your consulting practice with one smart move? Rizkly is a simple, efficient standards compliance solution (powerful app combined with included advisory) designed for SMBs.  Please contact us, we’d love to talk to you.