By David Trout

If you need to succeed in a compliance initiative and have a combination of in-house and external members, Rizkly lets you add, update, or remove staff, 3rd parties, or consultants from a project.  You can customize the information that is displayed to team members, based on their roles or the current phase your compliance project. Built-in chat supports seamless team communication and ensures that members can collaborate effectively and share feedback with each other.  Our “Simple View” mode really helps non-auditor types from suffering control-itis.  Most importantly,  you can easily invite others to your compliance party a.k.a assign work :).   Here’s a list of some of the features:

  • Invite users (employees, consultants, auditors, vendors)
  • Remove users
  • Pause user access
  • Reset passwords
  • Configure project access
  • Assign project role (users can have different roles on different projects)
  • Update user’s contact profiles



Seeking a cloud-based compliance software to manage your compliance project team? Rizkly is a simple, efficient SaaS compliance solution (powerful app combined with included advisory) designed for SMBs.  Please contact us, we’d love to talk to you.