By David Trout

More and more,  compliance is extending across the supply chain involved to create an end product or service.  Suppliers, partners, employees and even logistics companies are now being asked to certifying something or another.  This is one of problems we set out to accomplish with Rizkly:  simple, effective support for multi-party compliance projects…it really does take a village in some cases.  


With Rizkly,  you can customize roles and access rights for each user. Staff-friendly layouts help each team member focus on relevant information. Consultants and technical staff can check for upcoming control items or drill down to specific details, while managers can monitor overall progress or check ownership of a task.  Suppliers can be assigned a subset of control items that must complete on a recurring basis.  Most important,  the hub company (vendors are the spokes), can easily track who is compliant and who is not.  Calling it a party might be an exaggeration but inviting everyone rings true for more and more companies these days.    

If Rizkly sounds like the right SaaS tool for managing your vendor compliance initiative, please contact us.  We’ll pick up the phone and give you call to learn more.