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$4,995 Initial Compliance Assessment & Rizkly Setup

Technology & Organizational Profile

Gap Assessment & Strategic Compliance Plan

Prioritized Remediation Plan

Rizkly Compliance Project Setup

$1,495/mo. Guided Compliance as a Service

Monthly Advisory with Rizkly Compliance & Security Expert

 Virtual compliance officer & CISO

 Policy & procedure review

 Remediation updates & control implementation advisory

 Artifact review

 Audit preparation

 Quarterly Review with Leadership Team

User Licenses

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A secure cloud application that you can trust for any compliance project.

Designed for Security, Operated with Reliability

Our success is built on your trust.  The Rizkly team is committed to continuously delivering a simple and secure application that meets the needs of businesses seeking to quickly and efficiently achieve compliance to grow their business.

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Robust access control lets you run efficient compliance projects with confidence.

Security and Control

Securing your data begins with identity-based access controls. Rizkly’s identity and access management features protect your company’s compliance data from unauthorized access. Rizkly offers configuration controls that allow you to configure users access that best supports your business objectives.

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Designed for companies as well as audit and advisory firms.

Grow Your Firm with Rizkly

We understand the critical role that consultants play in successful compliance projects.  That’s why we designed Rizkly to support consulting firms seeking to implement a compliance tool for their own clients.  Contact us to discuss partnership plans tailored to grow your own business.

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Rizkly Drives Compliance Project Success

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) projects can bring unparalleled benefits to an organisation when implemented and used correctly. Business cases for companies implementing or upgrading their GRC tools tend to focus on reducing the costs of compliance and user administration and, of course, improving internal controls. However, even with a well-defined benefits realisation plan in hand, many companies fail to meet their objectives. Why is this the case? How can companies overcome these challenges and ensure that their GRC project will deliver the expected benefits?

Business cases for companies implementing or upgrading their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools, tend to focus on reducing the costs of compliance and user administration.

However, to realise the benefits of cost reductions, increased efficiency and improved controls, the right technology must first be selected and then embedded into the business and compliance process, and the technical aspects must be implemented to a high standard.

Richard Hunt, Turnkey Consulting

Competing Priorities & Incentives 100%
Failure to Assess & Understand Risk 97%
Insufficient Resources 95%
Insufficient Communication & Training 95%
Lack of Clear Procedures to Support Policies 89%
Insufficient Third-Party Management 70%
Insufficient Monitoring 70%
Poor Enforcement & Corrective Actions 70%

Why Compliance Projects Typically Fail

Rizkly’s powerful app and expert vCOs guide you to compliance success & peace of mind.