By David Trout

NIST 800-171 security controls are purposely designed to be broad, so that individual contractors can adapt them to their operations. While this non-specific approach supports a range of industries and types of providers, it results in ambiguous requirements that can be approached in a variety of ways. How do you know which controls are needed for your business and how they should be implemented?



Failure to comply with NIST 800-171 jeopardizes government contracts that small and mid-sized business rely upon for sustained revenue and future growth. One approach to taming the ambiguity of NIST 800-171 is to look to another standard, NIST 800-53, for additional guidance. By mapping NIST 800-171 controls to NIST 800-53 controls, contractors can gain supplemental guidance that provides more detailed description of required controls.

Another approach is to use Rizkly’s Guided Compliance app to simplify NIST 800-171. With Rizkly, you don’t need to worry about mapping each control to another security standard and then digesting the information you need to design and implement required controls. Guided Compliance walks you through the process, quickly and easily.  

Intent on ensuring the team stays focused on your core business while achieving 800-171 compliance?  We should talk.   Please contact us, we’d love to show you how you can have it all with Rizkly.