By Celia Baker

Security is vital for the continued performance and safety of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that help manage operations for oil and gas refineries, nuclear plants, transportation systems, and manufacturing facilities.  But with advances in automation, monitoring, and the Internet of Things (IoT), security compliance for these critical domains is more complicated than ever. With traditional air-gapped security environments becoming less common, many organizations are facing new threats and may find themselves unsure of their current vulnerabilities and how to best mitigate their security risk.

As new networked technologies are integrated into critical legacy infrastructure settings designed for strictly controlled physical access protections, security officers are faced with an environment where cyberattack has the potential to impact millions of lives.  Smaller companies that need to enhance safeguards need an ICS/SCADA compliance solution that doesn’t divert precious resources from the core business of 24/7 operations that are safe and secure.



Cybersecurity and compliance for ICS/SCADA require more than a traditional IT risk assessment and mitigation plan. In addition to legacy systems used by critical infrastructure, ICS/SCADA cybersecurity encompasses asset management, identity access management (IAM), and physical security. Security officers responsible for critical infrastructure need a compliance solution that is powerful while offering flexibility and easy customization.  Rizkly combination of app and expert provides organizations with a complete ICS/SCADA compliance platform delivers easy-to-use compliance checklists, policy and procedure templates and expert guidance so you can achieve compliance with fewer costs and less effort than traditional options. To learn how Rizkly helps companies achieve ICS/SCADA security and compliance in the the most efficient and effective manner, please contact us.