Get Started, Finish Fast

Getting up to speed with Rizkly is simple:

  1. Sign up for a Rizkly account and test drive the app
  2. Contact us to make the purchase
  3. Invite your team (compliance consultant, colleages, suppliers)
  4. Create a profile of your IT environment via guided questions
  5. Select best practice controls or compliance templates and populate requested information
  6. Your Rizkly Compliance Guide meets with you to review progress and answer questions

For a fraction of the time and money required for traditional consulting solutions, Rizkly is an easy way to setup, sustain, and communicate  IT, security, and compliance efforts. Rizkly eliminates the burden of manual tracking and facilitates efficient collaboration with consultants, so you can stay focused on core business.

From here, Rizkly takes care of the rest: ensuring action owners have provided necessary input and automatically generating documents such as a System Security Plan (SSP) or Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM). Your Rizkly Compliance Guide meets with you regularly to review progress and is available to help answer questions along the way.