By Chor-Ching Fan

Working with our customers and with colleagues over the years,  the truth cannot be more clear than it is today.  The term DevSecOps does not do justice in describing the scope and extent of work taking place amongst what we’ve been calling DevSecOps teams.  Lots of extra time and money is spent to get Dev, Sec and Ops outcomes up to snuff to with mandated cybersecurity requirements.  In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, DevSecOps without addressing cybersecurity compliance simply isn’t cutting it anymore. You must give the extra dose of hard work and be able to prove that you’ve done it. As organizations strive to fortify their defenses against increasingly sophisticated threats, the integration of cybersecurity compliance measures within the DevSecOps environment has emerged as a necessity. For DevSecOps to achieve the resilience, trust, and adherence to regulatory requirements, we must really deliver DevSecComOps to realize and reinforce the truth that security without compliance is incomplete.

Regulatory oversight for cybersecurity is on a trajectory of relentless growth. From GDPR in Europe to CMMC in defense and beyond, compliance requirements are expanding, becoming more stringent, and carrying greater consequences for non-compliance. In this context, integrating compliance into the fabric of DevSecOps isn’t just advantageous—it’s essential for organizational resilience and regulatory adherence. Here’s why DevSecComOps is the future of secure software development:

Superior Security 

DevSecComOps results in a product that is more secure.  Adhering to, or at least considering regulatory controls enhances dev team understanding of various approaches that should be considered when implementing systems.  For example, there’s an error log.  But then there’s logging specific events.  Wait, there’s also log analysis.  One more,  we need to event monitoring.   Wait, wait…a couple more: alerting and escalation, etc.  How far you do go?  How far do your customers or your regulatory framework need you to go?  Dev teams that understand the spectrum of capabilities required to achieve a given cybersecurity control and design these security-related capabilities into architecture will have a product that outperforms in regulated markets. 

Regulatory Vigilance

DevSecComOps ensures that organizations remain vigilant and responsive to evolving regulatory mandates. By embedding compliance checks and cross-referencing regulatory requirements into every stage of the development lifecycle, organizations can proactively address compliance requirements, mitigate potential risks before they escalate and ensure continued business development within regulated industries such as federal government, healthcare and aerospace.  


Risk Mitigation and Resilience

Compliance serves as a proactive risk mitigation strategy, enabling organizations to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in real-time. For less mature organizations, compliance requirements provide a bar for calibrating investments in a practical fasion.  Organizations boost their resilience against cyber threats and safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access when they align their security practices with regulatory standards.

Trust and Transparency

Compliance fosters trust and transparency with customers, partners, and stakeholders. In an era of heightened cyber and data privacy concerns, compliance demonstrates a commitment to ethical standards and responsible data stewardship that inspires confidence and strengthens relationships with key stakeholders.  Hot features that are certified to be secure will be the market winners. 

Future-Proofing Against Regulatory Expansion

Regulatory oversight for cybersecurity shows no signs of abating. As governments and regulatory bodies worldwide intensify their focus on data protection and privacy, organizations must future-proof their operations by integrating compliance into their DevSecOps practices. Organizations can adapt proactively to changing compliance landscapes and minimize compliance-related disruptions by staying ahead of regulatory trends, rather than crossing their fingers and hoping their “just enough” approach will continue to make the grade.

DevSecComOps isn’t just a twist on a common buzzword—it’s a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to thrive in today’s cybersecurity landscape. By embracing DevSecComOps principles, organizations can harmonize security and compliance efforts, driving innovation, and ensuring regulatory adherence in equal measure.

If you see the value in more tightly integrating compliance knowledge and control requirements into your DevSecOps processes but are wondering how to do so in a way that is cost-effective and scalable, Rizkly is here to help. We are a compliance management platform paired with expert guidance to answer questions and meet with you regularly to ensure your projects stay on track. With Rizkly, you can achieve and maintain compliance while you grow your business, navigating regulatory complexities with confidence and ease. Contact us to learn more.