By Chor-Ching Fan

You did it! It was hard work, but you reached your goal: certified compliance. But wait. Compliance is not a one and done thing. Did you see the latest regulations? Have you heard about the changes that are coming next year?




Rizkly helps you achieve compliance, and we keep you there with continuous monitoring. Rizkly’s subscription compliance service helps you keep track of changing compliance standards, so you efficiently maintain compliance without the worry and dedicated resources.  Rizkly alerts you with security and compliance actions that are tailored to your business. Our Guided Security & Compliance (GSC) approach helps you maintain compliance while staying focused on your business.

Rizkly and our GSC solution model overcomes the challenges faced by most SMBs attempting to achieve or maintain a compliance initiative:

  • No in-house expertise to decipher regulations and security frameworks
  • Budget constraints rule out contracting with larger IT auditing or cybersecurity firms
  • Requirement to keep on-going compliance costs down

Are you wondering how you can efficiently maintain an industry standards compliance initiative? Rizkly offers the perfect compliance solution for SMBs for one low monthly rate. If you need a more effective way to maintain compliance, please contact us. We’ll pick up the phone and give you a call.