By David Trout

With Rizkly, you can put your clients on the path to more efficient and easier compliance right away. Our multi-tenant application makes it easy for you to set up new clients and manage their projects. Rizkly’s Guided Security & Compliance (GSC) approach eliminates painful on-boarding meetings, burdensome administrivia, and lost time before you begin advising clients. Using Rizkly streamlines the compliance process for clients as well as your consultants with a central repository for project tracking and documentation. Dashboards and alerts ensure that assigned users have a clear picture of the compliance project and what needs to be done, while Rizkly communication features make collaboration simple and effective.



Rizkly is the right compliance solution for advisory or consulting firms that want to:

  • Modernize compliance services and offerings through a software underpinning
  • Compliment their human capital with a secure, powerful cloud-based application to simplify compliance for clients
  • Improve firm efficiency and scale consulting solutions to meet client needs
  • Maintain a central repository for all compliance-related items
  • Manage compliance teams and simplify working with clients

Does Rizkly and GSC sound like something that can grow your firm and while simplifying compliance for your clients?  We are committed to the success of our customers and partners alike.  Please contact us. We’d love to meet and learn more about your business.