Government Contractor Compliance

If you recently won or pursued business with the U.S. federal government, you are likely familiar with the daunting requirements around security.  Rizkly understands the strain that federal mandates can have on a firm’s budget and focus on growth.  Without in-house compliance expertise,  reading through DFARS requirements on CDI, CCIS, CTI and CUI is nearly impossible.  Rizkly solves this skills gap with a simple and affordable solution to help your business achieve compliance with U.S. federal government contractor requirements for cyber, IT, and user security. With Rizkly,  you achieve the confidence to go after federal contracts knowing that your firm will achieve and maintain compliance with rapidly evolving government mandated cyber requirements.

  • Understanding CUI as it applies to your organization
  • Assessing your network to gauge impact on compliance efforts
  • Developing a plan to generate evidence of compliance
  • Develop a 800-171 or 800-53/FISMA Roadmap
  • Develop or refine an incident reporting process
  • Review what is at stake and deadlines
  • CDI or unclassified Controlled Technical Information (CTI)
  • CDI or Covered Contractor Information Systems (CCIS)
  • CCIS as specifically covered by NIST 800-171


  • CCPA Compliance Advisory Options: Assistance with compliance tasks through checklists and suggestions tailored to your project. Streamline collaboration between team members and consultants through multiple channels of communication: chat, email, phone

  • Tasking and Tracking: Assign ownership and access compliance status with a few clicks. Users receive alerts when it’s time to review controls or attach evidence
  • Audit Ready Documentation: Policies and procedures along with one-click creation of audit-ready documentation such as System Security Plans (SSP) and Action Plans reduces the time and effort needed to create, review, and maintain compliance documents, letting you focus on implementing CCPA, rather than documenting it

  • Third-Party Assessor Access: streamline assessment and certification efforts with secure 3rd-party auditor or partner access to appropriate information in Rizkly.  Learn more about all of the features that make Rizkly the perfect SMB cyber and data privacy compliance solution here.
  • Supply Chain Compliance: assign customized subsets of controls to vendors and suppliers and simplify compliance management when cyber initiatives must extend beyond the boundaries of your own organization.

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