By Chor-Ching Fan

When facing a tight compliance deadline, you might not want to think about anything but satisfying the security controls that you are required to meet right now. But if you stop to consider that compliance regulations have been growing steadily and will only increase in both number and complexity, it makes better sense to create a set of controls that map to multiple frameworks, such as 800-171 and HIPAA. In this way, the work you do once will be able to satisfy multiple controls across multiple frameworks.

While each security framework has its own particular focus or target industry, many controls within each framework are the same or similar. With this similarity in mind, you can adopt a compliance strategy that leverages core common controls to help you reduce redundancy, make compliance work simpler, and save time and money. Rizkly supports mapping of controls across all cybersecurity and data privacy compliance  frameworks. Our modern cyber compliance automation platform supports multiple compliance projects and offers pre-mapped controls across multiple frameworks.  You (or your Rizkly expert advisor) can get details on source and target controls across each project and make rapid adjustments to mappings. Rizkly’s compliance control mapping also allows you to quickly determine where you stand in terms of achieving compliance with other frameworks so that you can better scope and scale your compliance projects.

Cybersecurity, data privacy, supply chain, and other compliance regulations will continue to expand to meet the evolving threats to data and infrastructure that attackers represent. By using a core set of common controls for your compliance projects, you can satisfy the frameworks required today and position your company for more rapid completion of future compliance requirements, as regulatory bodies increase the oversight and security requirements needed to do business in virtually any industry. To learn how Rizkly helps companies achieve security and compliance using core common controls to ease the efforts stemming from compliance with multiple cybersecurity frameworks, contact us.  We’d love to talk and show you how Rizkly makes it easy.