Compliance Automation Software

Rizkly Pricing

The Rizkly pricing model is based on the annual revenue of an organization.  We structured it this way so that smaller and less complex organizations can still leverage the Rizkly compliance software automation platform at a cost that makes business sense.  Our costs increase along with company size as larger organizations have more users, artifacts, support needs, and overall platform usage.   In addition to our platform we also provide an option to include expert advisory hours.  Our experienced team of cyber and compliance experts will augment your team and help ensure the overall success of your compliance program.

  • Regardless of the size of your organization, you get access to all of our powerful cybersecurity compliance features. 
  • If you need expert cybersecurity or data privacy guidance, select the number of monthly Rizkly expert advisor hours to see pricing for this option. 
  • If you have any questions or you’re ready to purchase, please contact us.

Don’t see a package that fits your business? Just reach out to us and we’ll tailor a package that meets your specific situation so you can get started with Rizkly today.

 Advisory and Consulting Firms: please contact us to discuss custom packaging options, referral and reseller partnerships. 

<$10M  $10M - $50M   $50M - $500M   $500M +  
Platform Price $250/mo or $3k/yr $750/mo or $9k/yr $2,000/mo or $24k/yr $5,000/mo or $60k/yr
Advisory Price Choose Hours Below Choose Hours Below Choose Hours Below Choose Hours Below
Projects   Unlimiited Unlimiited Unlimiited Unlimiited
User Licenses 15 35 70 125
Advisory Hours


Expert Advisory <$10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Quarterly Check-In
Built-In Advice & Control Guidance
Online Advisor Notes & Collaboration
Initial Compliance Baseline Assessment Available Available Available Available
Ongoing Expert Collaboration Available Available Available Available
Standards Frameworks <$10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Cyber Essentials
NIST 800-171
NIST 800-53
NERC CIP-013-1
C-11 – Coming Soon
Custom Create Your Own
Continuous Compliance <$10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Executive & Compliance Dashboards
Task Reminder Emails & Alerts
Advanced Task Management & Tracking
POAM & Overdue Items PDF Reports
RizkMapTM Framework Mapping
RizkMapTM Common Controls Automation
RizkMap Control Dependency Management
Compliance Project Cloning
Vendor/Supply Chain Compliance
Assessment Questionnaires < $10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Questionnaire Users 50 100 500 1000
NIST/CIS Boundary and Scoping Questionnaire
CMMC Self Assessment Guided Questionnaire
Vendor/Stakeholder Questionnaire
Risk Capture (SAR, RAR & General)
Compliance Documentation < $10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Document Library
System Environment & Boundary
Automated SSP Generation & Management
Automated POA&M Generation & Management
Evidence Storage by Control
Custom Create Your Own
Policy Manager
Policy & Procedure Templates
Artifact Templates
Policy Versioning
Audit Readiness < $10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Control Self Assessment
Assessor/Partner Access & Notes
DFARS 800-171 Scoring
Pre-Audit Artifact Validation
Audit & Certification Expert Facilitation
Accelerated Audit Success w/ Rizkly Audit Prep TM
Cyber  Awareness <$10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
Awareness Users 50 500 1000 5000
Employee Acknowledgements Manager
Cyber Core Training
Create Your Own Training Course
Training & Survey Status Dashboard
Advanced Features <$10M $10M – $50M $50M – $500M $500M +
One-Click Data Export
Multi-Factor Authentication
One-Click “800-171” to “CMMC” Migration
Azure AD Authentication
Bring Your Own Storage
Advanced Logging
Evidence API
On-Premise Deployment Available Available Available Available
Gov Cloud Infrastructure Available Available Available Available