CCPA Compliance…Simplified

A company needs to be compliant with the CCPA if the following points are met:

  • A company that collects personal data from the residents of California
  • The company (or their parent company or a subsidiary) exceeds at least one of three thresholds:
    • Has an annual gross revenue of at least $25 million
    • Obtains personal information from at least 50,000 California households and/or devices per year.
    • Obtains at least 50% of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information

If your company fulfills any one of these requirements, it is required to stay compliant with CCPA requirements.

Rizkly lets your company demonstrate that it cares about customer data while achieving CCPA compliance cost effectively.  Rizkly simplifies the implementation of your CCPA compliance program.  Designed for SMBs, Rizkly gives you the option to purchase our powerful CCPA compliance solution and add expert advisory if you need additional guidance.  You’ll start with a core set of CCPA data privacy controls covering process, technology, engagement, and customer transparency but you or your advisor have full ability to customize them as business and regulations…without expensive software or consulting charges.

CCPA Data Privacy Process Controls

  • Business Oversight Controls
  • Training Controls
  • Access Management Controls
  • Documentation Controls

CCPA Data Privacy Technology Controls

  • Data Encryption Controls
  • Data Loss Controls
  • Network Security Controls
  • Messaging & Content Protection Controls

CCPA Data Privacy Lawfulness & Transparency

  • Customer Transparency Controls
  • Purpose & Access Controls
  • Scope &was  Storage Controls
  • Integrity & Confidentiality Controls


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