By Chor-Ching Fan

Having spent a chunk of time in the analytics software industry,  I certainly appreciate the challenge of finding the right tool.  The perfect solution was tough to find.  Too expensive, requires too much IT support, not easy enough, doesn’t have what we need,  too sophisticated for us…the list goes on.  Rizkly is the realistic solution for SMBs because:


  1. Included Rizkly CISO and compliance expert advisory helps you succeed, and succeed faster
  2. Powerful, secure, cloud application that makes compliance easy to implement, track, and sustain
  3. Affordable pricing for SMBs or enterprises with a large vendor compliance program
  4. Built-in compliance templates that are customizable
  5. Upload your own compliance template into Rizkly
  6. Quick team setup via invites, self-service registration, and flexible access configuration options
  7. Easy project tracking with alerts and dashboards
  8. Automatic SSP and POAM generation saves lots of time and money
  9. Compliance bulletins and standards updates included
  10. Rizkly licenses that you need are included…employee licenses, projects, training licenses, etc.
  11. Rizkly lets you focus on the core business while efficiently achieving compliance

Sorry…went over by one but I could not leave out our passion for helping SMBs focus on growing their business.  If five of these strongly resonate with you, we think Rizkly might be right for your company.  It’s the perfect SaaS compliance solution for SMBs because you get an app and an expert.  If you’re embarking on a compliance initiative,  please contact us. We’ll pick up the phone and give you a call.