By David Trout

Getting the most out of your investment in consulting services for compliance means finding a way to work more efficiently. Rizkly understands that so we’ve built that into our application…allowing wise use of you and your Rizkly expert’s time through a simple, secure compliance application.  

Our Guided Security & Compliance (GSC) approach provides customized instructions built into Rizkly. The screen designs, features, and knowledge base in Rizkly have been developed through years of security audit and compliance experience.  Now, all of it has been ushered into a single solution to provide the information that companies need for achieving and sustaining compliance.



If you have a question beyond the scope of Rizkly’s built-in instructions and tips, our in-app messaging/chat feature means you don’t have put your work on hold while you try to contact your consultant. Simply start a chat in Rizkly and your consultant is notified. You message is linked to specific controls with attachments, so your consultant has the necessary context at hand. With built-in expertise and instant communication tools, you can get the information or advice you need, when you need it.  By the way,  with our Guided Compliance approach, calling works too. 

Does GC sound like the right compliance approach for your company? Rizkly combines a powerful app with included expert advisory for one low monthly rate.   It’s the perfect compliance solution for SMBs.  If you’re embarking on a compliance initiative,  please contact us. We’ll pick up the phone and give you a call.