By David Trout

With today’s integrated information systems it can be a challenge to understand where one system ends and another begins. Getting the system boundary right can make the difference between executing a relatively simple set of compliance tasks and struggling to understand and manage the security risks that complex network architecture can create.

NIST 800-171 guidance focuses on high level considerations rather than the nuts and bolts of typical network architecture for commercial systems. Redesigning existing commercial systems or creating a separate system for government contracting work can be time consuming and expensive. You are chasing compliance instead of focusing on what you do best.



Rizkly’s Guided Compliance approach can help you determine appropriate system boundaries for your NIST 800-171 project so that you can achieve compliance faster and with less effort. With years of compliance expertise built in to Rizkly, you have the hard-earned knowledge of security experts at your fingertips. And you still get the assistance of a compliance guide to help you finish faster.  Take that, Mr. System Boundary!

Struggling to define your 800-17 boundary because you’re focused on the core business?  Rizkly is a simple, efficient 800-171 compliance solution (powerful app combined with included advisory) designed for SMBs.  Please contact us, we’d love to talk to you.